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Indulge in the Splendor of Vivenda De Anjuna

A feeling of Familiarity is something that you will feel when you first visit Vivenda De Anjuna. This villa is an untouched beauty and has a rich heritage with a modern twist. It is so marvelous that whoever visits it, falls in love with its beauty and great services. It is a 130-year-old villa that is refurbished into a Portuguese gem which offers comfort, style, and a tropical experience. 

This exquisite villa is located at the heart of Anjuna along the coastline with over 400 meters of proximity from the beach. In this three bedroom villa, there’s a rich history. The transformation of a 130th century house into something so grand took 11 months. Vivenda De Anjuna is best known for its perfect architectural settings and instagram-worthy Portuguese aesthetics. 

This villa is put together with an eye-catching color palette of different attractive combinations of colors and a well-maintained structure of the villa. The living room is the essence of comfort and warmth. The villa has towering arched doorways and glider doors.

Experience the breathtaking tropical sunset and the serenity of the green fields surrounding the villa. This villa is the best option for a vacation getaway for nature lovers.

 This modular kitchen has green and white color cabinets combined with astonishing aesthetics and functional brilliance. This villa guarantees you an awesome cooking experience to another level. 

Here, you will get a blissful bathroom experience as it will take you back to the Portuguese era with its stunning settings and calming ambience.  

Elevate your sleeping experience with this cozy yet relaxing space. Vintage sleeping sanctuaries of the villa will give you a vibe of familiarity. Each element of this villa depicts a story of restoration & passion to create an iconic living.

Here, you can experience a combination of convenience and elegance as this lavish villa of Square Dream Homes offers an unforgettable swimming pool experience with its captivating fountain and perfect structure. Immerse in a symphony of serenity and relaxation as you bask in the beauty of this remarkable infinity pool.

This sky deck offers an unmemorable experience with an astonishing sunset view and the tranquil nature surrounding the property. From a Private pool with direct room access to a special food menu, this classy property has you all covered.

The villa is very close to a variety of amusements and tourist sites. Vivenda de Anjuna is one of the best options if you’re looking to rent a luxury villa in a great location and wonderful architectural setting.

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A feeling of Familiarity is something that you will feel when you first visit Vivenda De Anjuna. This villa is an untouched beauty and has a rich heritage with a modern twist.

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