Premium Villas For Sale in Goa

What’s better than living in a luxury villa in Goa?

Living in a luxury pool villa in Goa! Yes, you heard that right. Vivenda De Anjuna by Square Dreams Homes is the perfect getaway equipped with your own private pool when you are in dire need for a hiatus away from the daily grind. Our luxury villas in Goa are a reflection of the Portuguese era that mirror the charm and sanctity of a traditional home with vintage aesthetics but come with modern amenities that elevate the entire experience.

Pool Villas In North Goa

Inspired by the unparalleled beauty of our locations, every villa by Square Dream Homes is designed to highlight a variety of outdoor spaces that are versatile, impeccably designed and enabled to make you feel all the joys of being one with nature. Located in North Goa in the beautiful village of Anjuna, our private pool villas at Vivenda De Anjuna are made to highlight just that. Anjuna is a beautiful mix of the loud and the quiet and finds its balance incredibly well. Either you venture of an expedition through the bustling streets or simply lounge on the top deck with a cup of tea, there’s something for everyone here. Similarly our private pool villas at Vivenda De Anjuna find their balance and make for a perfect piece of timeless heritage where nature and luxury exist in peaceful harmony.

At Vivenda De Anjuna you can begin each day marveling at the spectacular nature that surrounds the villa all while taking a refreshing dip in your own private pool. Every villa here has its own private pool unlike the other typical holiday villas that have a common pool and restrictions on using the pool as and when you want too. With a stay at our private villa in Goa, you can enjoy a pleasant holiday with your family or friends. Work by the pool or throw a pool party if you want to, we have curated our luxury villas in Goa to meet all your needs so you can have an unforgettable  stay when you vacation here.

Looking to book your stay at a private pool villa in Goa?

We might have exactly what you’re looking for in store. So wait no more, come witness the epitome of luxury that Vivenda DeAnjuna by Square Dream Homes has to offer.Your dream getaway is now just one step away!

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