Types of Luxury Villa Themes

One can be doubtful when it comes to choosing which villa theme to go for. This is an era of social media, so selecting a luxury villa with a voguish architectural setting is a prime priority for everyone. What do you think of before selecting a villa for a getaway?

There are different villa themes to browse and choose from:

Modern Simplicity

The modern simplicity villa theme offers a simple yet clean-looking vibe. This villa with pool showcases a neat aesthetic with a light-toned palette, open spaces, and elegant furniture. This theme serves as a sanctuary of pure bliss and serenity, allowing you to relax and unwind in a contemporary setting.

Mediterranean Beauty

Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean-themed villa inspired by the coastal regions of Spain, Greece, or Italy. The luxury villa with this theme has earthy tones, vintage-style furniture, and timeless textures to seize the spirit of Mediterranean architecture. You can enjoy the vibrant blue accents, terracotta tiles, and wrought iron accents here, which make the entire look complete.

Tropical Bliss

A villa theme inspired by rich landscapes and exquisite destinations can be the premium selection for those pursuing a tropical getaway. In this villa with private garden, you will get to experience natural materials like rattan and bamboo, tropical prints, and a vibrant color palette. Integrated water features, indoor plants, and outdoor lounging areas offer a tranquil retreat.

Rustic Getaway

A rustic villa theme can make you feel at home, offering a warm and soothing ambience. You won’t be able to help yourself but opt for this villa with natural materials such as exposed beams, wood and stone, and timeless furniture. You will fall in love with its warm, earthy tone, soft lighting, and vintage textiles.

Contemporary Charm

A contemporary charm villa theme exhibits class and luxury. In this theme, the villa has top-notch materials such as velvet, marble, and metallic touches. You will surely love the ambience, as it includes high-end lighting fixtures, artistic accents, and alluring furniture designs. It is a picture-worthy villa as it contains a neutral color palette with hints of bold colors, which makes the place look like a paradise.


There are many options for villa themes; it depends on your taste on what to select and what not. You can look out for the best real estate companies when it comes to villa hunting. Square Dream Homes is a real estate company that offers a wide range of exquisite villas. We can even alter the villa theme according to your liking.

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